Monday, January 31, 2011

Week 30 champ rotation is out!

Week 30 (this week):
•    Master Yi   
•    Singed       
•    Sivir       
•    Tristana   
•    Veigar       
•    Zilean       
•    Shen       
•    Sona       
•    Lux       
•    Renekton

for more info

i already tested out lux and reneketon for the first time i have to say his cd is ridiculous which i see why ionian boots is recommended but ima have to test him out more ; D 


  1. This game only allows you to play certain characters certain weeks? You don't pick like...a main character to be?

  2. No you earn IP points for each game you play and when you get enough you can unlock the champion your want, but when you first start there is 10 free champions that are realesed each week that can be played as much as you want during that week

  3. Hi, I played lol for about 1.5 years.
    Level 30 with 900 +wins
    I stopped playing because i prefer HoN and lots of new players began runing the game.
    Still intresting to see how the game is progressing and the community though im not a part of it. waiting for more